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Colmec invests in a greener future with in-house rim refurbishment

Colmec is the leading distributor of truck and bus tires in Scandinavia and Poland. We are a trustworthy and profitable partner with an innovative and sustainable approach to tires and tire services, constantly evolving to find new solutions that safeguard both our clients and the environment.

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In-house rim refurbishment, yet another segment of our sustainability work, is now in operation at the newly inaugurated production facility at Colmec’s headquarters in Norrköping. The large investment makes it possible for us to efficiently — just as we previously did with tires — also reuse rims and give them a new and greener life. All refurbishment and coating of truck and bus rims is done entirely in-house using the very latest technology and the most advanced machinery. Our entire process is developed exclusively for truck and bus rims, which ensures a uniquely high result quality.

Our business concept at Colmec is to offer clients in every segment sustainable products and services. Boss and Colmec EcoTire — high-quality, environmentally conscious retreaded tires — are at the core of our business. With in-house rim refurbishment, we are taking another step towards a greener future.

“It is very important for us to develop and create new opportunities and measures that protect the environment while also being cost-effective for our clients”, says Patrick Sjölin, CEO of Colmec Group, and continues – “We have had a fantastic response and demand despite the fact that we have gone out cautiously in our marketing, which indicates that this part of our unique overall concept is exactly what is needed at this time.”

Colmec is your overall supplier of tires and services, suited to the needs of today and tomorrow – right for the times, and ready for the future.

Patrick Sjölin, CEO of Colmec Group

How rim refurbishment works

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01. Blasting

With advanced technology and high precision, the robot follows the contour of the rim to a degree of cleanliness of Sa 2.5-3.

Lackering vid renovering av fälgar

02. Coating

The coating is achieved with unique Swiss-developed advanced powder coating technology.

Härdning och kylning vid renovering av fälgar

03. Curing and cooling

The colour powder is cured in a time-controlled oven at 200 degrees and then continues into the cooling area before quality control.

Kvalitetskontroll vid renovering av fälgar

04. Quality control

The cured coating is assessed via thickness measurements and adhesion tests before the rim is approved.

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