Colmec is your trustworthy and cost efficient product and service partner

Colmec is the leading distributor of truck and bus tires in Scandinavia and Poland. We are a trustworthy and profitable partner with an innovative and sustainable approach to tires and tire services, constantly evolving to find new solutions that safeguard both our clients and the environment.

We at Colmec take an innovative and sustainable approach to our overall concept, which leads to the constant development and improvement of our products and services.

Always finding new solutions that safeguard both our clients and the environment is at the core of what motivates us as a company.

We are proud to offer many sustainable alternatives, such as reusing materials during our retreading process (Boss and Colmec EcoTire), fuel-saving solutions via axle services, optimising the life cycle of tire with the help of our tire technicians, reusing and refurbishing rims, as well as refining end-of-life materials to be reused in new products via Colmec Circle. A better deal, for both our clients and our environment!

A total concept

Colmec is your trustworthy source of tires and tire services, suited to the needs of today and tomorrow.

New tires

We are the nationwide market leading distributor of new truck and bus tires from established brands.

Retreaded tires

Our own brands, Boss and Colmec EcoTire, are produced in Europe's most modern retreading facilities.


Every week, year-round, we travel cross-country with our own distribution resources.

Colmec Mobil Partner

Our unique and worry-free service solutions for your wheels saves you time to focus on your business.

Machinery and accessories

We offer own brand products as well as have exclusive distribution rights to several other established brands and makes.


Our top-quality rims are a result of many years of experience in development and manufacturing.

Rim refurbishment

In-house refurbishment and coating of truck and bus rims, in state-of-the-art facilities and with the latest technology available.


Eight storage facilities across Colmec Group, with room for more than 300 000 tires.


Our mounting department dismounts, mounts and balances more than 55,000 units each year.


Functional solution for both large and small vehicle fleets and bus companies.

Tire and service stations

Our many tire and service stations across Sweden provide nationwide coverage and assistance.

Wheel alignment

Wheel and axle assessments and adjustments lower your operating costs as well as your environmental impact.

On-call Service

At this time available in Stockholm/Mälardalen, Sweden, our on-call service provides assistance within two hours, any day of the week, year-round.

Tire technicians

Our tire technicians carry out customized wheel status checks at the customer's location.

Shop / partner portal

Explore our wide range of products at your own pace in our online shop, available at any time and on any device!


Across multiple facets of our business, we work actively towards a more sustainable journey, for both ourselves and our clients.

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The leading tire and service distributor in Northern Europe

Colmec is a leading distributor of retreaded and new tires as well as service provider in our main markets: Sweden, Poland, Norway, Finland and parts of Denmark. Our own brands, Boss and Colmec EcoTire, are produced in Europe’s most modern facilities, and we also have exclusive distribution rights to multiple well-established brands of new tires.


Retreaded tires sold in 2021


New TBR tires sold in 2021


Tires installed in 2021


Turnover of the Colmec Group [millions SEK]





Discover Colmec Group

Colmec Sweden

More than 50 years of experience with new and retreaded tires as well as nationwide service and support.

Colmec Finland

Established in 2013, the Finnish Colmec Oy is a full service and sales organization.

Colmec Norway

Under own management since 2016, Colmec is a well-established actor on the Norwegian market.

Colmec Poland

Colmec Sp. z o. o. in Rudno are a full service provider and distributor of passenger car and truck tires.

Distribution in Northern Europe

All deliveries to clients are carried out by Colmec’s own distribution vehicles and drivers.


large trucks for TBR and OTR tires


trailers for TBR and OTR tires


light trucks for PCR tires and other products


passenger cars with trailers


service cars

Discover Colmec on film!

In the spring of 2019, a talented team arrived at our headquarters in Norrköping to shoot a film about Colmec. The goal was to show more of our business, more of ourselves, and more of what we do. The result is something we ourselves are both happy with and proud of. We feel they have captured all our facets and gave small glimpses of everything that makes Colmec the company we are today. Feel free to watch the film, we’re sure it will give you better insight into our work and our overall concept!

Want to know more about Colmec or our offer?

Our team are more than happy to provide you with more information about our tires and tire service solutions. Contact us to learn more!

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