Recycling tires at Colmec gives them a new, more sustainable and greener life.

Do you want to know more about how Colmec contributes to a greener future by reusing tires?

Our business concept at Colmec is to offer clients in every segment sustainable products and services. We take it a step forward by giving tires a more sustainable and greener life.

Worn tires are one of the most challenging types of waste today due to the volume produced every year. The same properties that make these a great challenge also make them one of the most reusable materials.

90000 + tonnes

tires are collected every year in Sweden

By reusing worn tires, we significantly reduce the need for new raw materials and contribute to saving the Earth’s finite resources. Our work and vision is to contribute to a circular economy where all collected material can be recycled.

With tire recycling, Colmec becomes an even greener company!

In our environmental work, tire retreading itself is already an important environmental aspect by saving the Earth’s finite resources, as approx. 80% of the worn tire is reused. But we wouldn’t stop there, we wanted to take our sustainability efforts a step further. By recycling tires, we not only reduce our ecological footprint, but we also create a circular economy around tires.

This is how tires are recycled at Colmec

Import/tire retreading

The cycle starts with our own Boss and Colmec EcoTire tire production, or with purchasing new tires directly from the manufacturer.

Selling tires

The sale then takes place via our sales channels such as our sales team, our customer service or via our webshop to our customers.

Collecting tires

Through in-house distribution, the worn tires are collected back from the customer for reuse.


The worn out tire is quality-tested and moves into our retreading process to be reused.

Delivery to customer

The reused and retreaded tire has been given a new lease of life and is delivered back to the customer.

Collecting worn tires

After several life cycles for the reused tire, the now completely worn out tire is returned to Colmec.

Material recycling

When the completely worn out tire can no longer be reused for a new tire in our retreading process, we recycle 100% of the tire material.


The raw materials that are recycled from the worn tire are returned to society to save on the Earth’s finite resources.

Report recycling levels and code to the authorities

We then report all our import and export of processing and recycling to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in accordance with current legal requirements.

This is how tire recycling works for our clients

Collection agreement with Colmec

We present and create a collection agreement covering the entire process for our clients.

Tire sorting

After review and instructions from us, the client sorts, selects and saves his tires.

Order collection of tires

The customer then orders the collection of their saved tires for reuse/recycling, which is done by Colmec’s own distribution resources.

Tire recycling is at this time an important part of a more sustainable cycle. Our goal and vision is a completely closed circle.

Raw materials from worn tires have excellent properties and can already be reused today. Our vision for the future is to be able to recycle all tire material and put it back into the manufacturing of a completely new tire.

Colmec regummeringsprocess

Reusing rubber shavings

Tires become other tires


A new life as new products

A sustainable selection of products

Choose Colmec products and rest assured that you made the right choice for the environment!

Tire recycling is just the cherry on top

Colmec already works actively towards minimizing the impact of our tire products on the environment. This is achieved by, among other things, reducing fuel emissions when our axle technicians adjust slanted axles that make the tire roll more easily on the vehicle. Our tire technicians give the tire the longest possible life. We refurbish and reuse rims. We reuse up to 80% of the worn tire in our retreading process.

We are now continuing our long-term environmental and sustainability investment by recycling tires with a focus on the EU’s proposed sustainability plan.




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