From family business to market leader with more than 50 years of experience in the tire industry.

Colmec began its journey with only one retreading factory in Sweden and over the past 50 years has managed to expand to the entire Nordic region and become a leading player in the tire industry.

Bernt Eckerström

Colmec’s journey begins with Bernt Eckerström

Bernt Eckerström begins his journey in the tire industry with a job at Goodyear, then Michelin, and finally as the founder of the Colmec Group.


Bernt Eckerström begins his work in the tire industry with a job at Goodyear’s testing department in Norrköping.


Bernt and a colleague buy a tire workshop complete with equipment for conventional truck tire retreading.


They open a retreading factory for cold retreading of truck tires under the name Colmec.


The tire workshops are sold and all focus is on developing the retreading factory.


Bernt Eckerström becomes the sole owner of Colmec and the following year Bernt’s son Peter Eckerström begins his employment at Colmec.


Colmec acquires the retreading factory Reba AB in Stockholm and the facility is moved to a new location in Norsborg.

Retreading, a key aspect of Colmec’s business, is launched in the 90’s

Colmec launches its own Boss retreading concept in 1990. Since then, our retreading process, unique in northern Europe, has developed to such a high level that it can be equated with a new tire.


Colmec is established in Poland under the company Colmec Sp. z o. o. with a retreading factory and distribution of new bus and truck tires.


Colmec relocates to newly purchased facilities in the Händelö industrial area in Norrköping.


Colmec is certified according to the quality standard ISO 9002 (today ISO 9001:2000).


The entirety of Colmec Group is quality and environmental systems certified.


The quality standards in the international regulation ECE R 109 are applied in the retreading factories.


Peter Eckerström becomes CEO and sole owner of Colmec Group.

Colmec Fleet

Centralized operations in Sweden, new markets in northern Europe

While Colmec continues to develop its operation in Norrköping and deliver products and services nationwide in Sweden, new markets are established in Norway and Finland at the same time as expansions are carried out in Poland.


All retreading operations and warehouse management in Sweden are gathered in one place.


Colmec supplies its products and services to all of Sweden, from Sundsvall in the north to Ystad in the south, with its own distribution, salespeople and on-call warehouse.


New markets are established in Norway and Finland.


Colmec opens a new tire workshop branch at Kungens Kurva in Stockholm.


Colmec celebrates its 40th anniversary in Sweden, 20th anniversary in Poland, and Peter Eckerström celebrates 30 years in the company. Development continues.


Launch of the in-house brand of retreaded tires, Colmec EcoTire.


Colmec Norway opens under own management and hires a country manager in-charge of the Norwegian market.


Quality and environmental systems certification is updated to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

As of 2020, Colmec products are available online

Colmec expands to online sales via its webshop and partner portal. All products are available around the clock, right on your screen of choice.


Colmec acquires the tire workshop Bandaris Oy in Finland and relocates the office of Colmec Oy to these premises.


Streamlining the entire logistics chain through the establishment of its own warehouse and office in Hamar for Colmec AS.


Colmec opens a production facility for in-house rim refurbishing in Norrköping.

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