At Colmec, sustainability is at the core of the entire operation

We always strive towards minimal environmental footprint in our operation. Our quality and environmental efforts are therefore an integral and prominent part of our business.

Our retreaded tires are very environmentally efficient and, together with our tire and axle tech, we can help our clients save on both product and fuel.

We work actively towards a more sustainable journey, for both ourselves and our clients.

We at Colmec take an innovative and sustainable approach to our overall concept, which leads to the constant development and improvement of our products and services. Always finding new solutions that safeguard both our clients and the environment is at the core of what motivates us as a company.

Sustainable choice

Choose Colmec products and services and rest assured that you made the right choice for the environment!

Reduce fuel consumption

Axle adjustments help reduce our clients’ fuel consumption.

Tire recycling

We give tires a new life and at the same time minimize our environmental impact.

Rim renovation

We give rims a new life and at the same time minimize our environmental impact.

Move sustainably with Colmec

Worn tires and rims are one of the most challenging types of waste today. The same properties that make these a great challenge also make them one of the most reusable materials and an important part of a more sustainable cycle. Our long-term environmental and sustainability efforts ensure that our clients make good environmental choices that contribute to a more sustainable and greener life.

Tire retreading reduces raw material demand by 75%

Reduction of land use/rubber tree cultivation by up to 29%

Reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 24%

Reduction of dust pollution by up to 21%

150% green!

We at Colmec focus on innovation and sustainability in all areas of our business, actively working towards better solutions for ourselves, our clients, and the environment.

Infographic about Colmec's sustainability process

Discover how our sustainability work is reflected in our products and services

Colmec regummeringsprocess

Tire retreading

Our own brands of retreaded tires are produced in Europe’s most modern facilities, which are also quality and environmental systems certified.


Tire recycling

By reusing worn tires, we significantly reduce the need for new raw materials and contribute to saving the Earth’s finite resources.

Härdning och kylning vid renovering av fälgar

Rim refurbishment

In our own modern facilities dedicated to rim refurbishment, we give rims a new life and at the same time minimize our environmental impact.

Person håller mobiltelefon i handen och pekar mot skärmen med sin andra hand

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