Bernt Eckerström, the founder of the Colmec group, begins his work in the tire industry with an employment at Goodyear’s test department in Norrköping. Later he gets employed as a salesman by Michelin in 1961.


Together with a companion, Bernt Eckerström buys a tire workshop supplemented with conventional equipment for retreading of truck tires.


Together with his companion, Bernt Eckerström starts a retreading factory for cold retreading of truck tires, under the trade name Colmec.


The tire shops are sold and the focus is on the development of the retreading factory.


Bernt Eckerström becomes sole owner of Colmec.


Peter Eckerström, Bernt’s son, is employed by Colmec.


Colmec acquires the retreading factory Reba AB in Stockholm. The facility is moved to new premises in Norsborg. The production is moved to Norrköping in 1990.


Colmec launches its own new retreading concept, Boss, together with a colleague. For the Boss concept and distinctive features, see Boss, under products.


Colmec is established in Poland under the name of Colmec SP. z o.o. Activities include a retreading factory according to the Boss concept and also distribution of new truck tires.


Colmec moves to newly purchased premises in Händelö industrial area in Norrköping.


Colmec is certified according to the quality standard ISO 9002 (now ISO 9001: 2000).


Colmec is certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001.


All parts within the Colmec Group are now quality and environmentally certified.


The Colmec Group applies the quality standards according to the international regulations ECE R 109 in both the retreading factories, in Sweden and in Poland.


Peter becomes CEO and sole owner of Colmec Group.


Reconstruction and extension of the property on Händelö. All retreading activities and stock management in Sweden is gathered in one place. For areas, production and warehouse resources, see Colmec facts, under the company.


Expansion to the south, although the market in the southern parts of Sweden is being processed. The production increases. New sales representatives and warehouse staff are hired. New trucks are acquired. Large investment (about 10 million SEK) with significantly expanded production capacity is completed during the year.


Colmec covers Sweden from Sundsvall in the North to Ystad in the South, with its own distribution resources and sales representatives, as well as emergency storages close to their homes for promt delivery.

New stock hall of 4 950 sqm is organized on a new asphalt surface in Norrköping, with a capacity of 33 000 truck tires.


Significant extension in Rudno, Poland, with a logistics warehouse of 9 000 sqm.


New markets established, Norway (Dekkmann AS) and Finland.

New warehouse organized in southern Poland of 6 000 sqm.


New warehouse of about 7 700 sqm in Norrköping on newly purchased land, covering 26 500 sqm for warehouse and distribution.


New tire workshop branch opens at Kungens Kurva, Stockholm.

New investments in the factories in Sweden and Poland, including new scanography machines. Total investment cost is about 15 million SEK.


Extended processing with own distribution cars in Finland.


This year Colmec in Sweden celebrates its 40th anniversary, Colmec in Poland its 20th anniversary and Peter Eckerström celebrates 30 years in the company.


In 2011 we have made large investments in machinery for production and distribution, total amount is 15 million SEK. 1 new construction machine (which makes the tire shoulder up to the original width), 5 new trucks and 5 new trailers.

We have also made a significant investment in logistics and sales in northern Sweden with new sales representatives and an increased number of trucks. We are now nationwide.


Colmec employs a Fleet Key Account Manager to manage, improve and develop our major fleet contracts.

Colmec establishes a full scale service and sales organization in Finland under the name Colmec Oy.