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About Colmec Group

The Colmec Group is a distribution company in the tire industry operating in Sweden, Poland, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

The Colmec Group has its own production of retreaded tires according to the Boss concept, with its own production plants and stock in Norrköping and in Rudno, south of Gdansk in Poland.

The total turnover of the Colmec Group is 600 million SEK (2012).


Total number of employees, 339 people

Boss retreading truck and bus tires

156 500 Boss tires in two factories (2012)

New truck and bus tires

93 000 new tires (2012)

Staff with direct customer contact in Sweden

Total number of employees, 80 people

Staff with direct customer contact in Poland

Total number of employees, 135 people

Distribution resources in Sweden

Trucks of our own, 14 pcs
Trailers of our own, 13 pcs

Distribution resources in Poland

Trucks of our own, 16 pcs
Trailers of our own, 6 pcs
Light trucks, 22 pcs